A Nerd and a Celebrity's
unbalanced trip to Europe

Seems like they feel an unexplainable connection between them the more they meet. Are they bumbling between love and friendship? Vivi spent the whole vacation with John staying in Silicon Valley, and John too, spent his annual leaves following after Vivi.
Now their happiest vacation is over, the two go back to their normal lives. Unable to miss an opportunity of a lifetime, John got on a plane to Europe.

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  • John

    35 y/o, United States

    The dark clouds are disappearing after a long period of being single. During the dreamlike time with Vivi, it felt like the flowers bloomed as we walked through the street. But the happiness was short-lived, Vivi went back home. Even though there is a nine-hour time difference, but she's still smiling on John's smartphone screen. Are we gonna end up like this? Seriously? While disappointed, John received an e-mail from his company. "Recruiting applicants for the test operation of working from home!" Looks like he found the answer. He got a permission from the company and bought a flight ticket. Vivi also needs to work visiting countries throughout Europe just in time. What a travel riding in her car! No, let's say digital nomad. Would people call this destiny? His heart beats fast. Be still my heart, now I'm a real man.

  • Vivi

    33 y/o, France

    She thought dating someone was somewhat tiresome. But who knew? A clumsy guy with a fancy car, he smiled at me saying that he bought the car for our date. But he didn't even know where the seat adjustment button was. Phew. A vacation in the States she dreamed of. Vivi decides to meet him to give it a try, but as she spends time with him camping, working, travelling.. it feels something strange. Joyful moment is always short-lived. Coming back to work, she got a task to complete the live eco-fashion show visiting other European countries. Right on time, John is about to visit Europe this time! Vivi perked up and looked for a fancy outfit, "Where is my new dress?" John says he always dreamed of a travel to Europe. What a cute guy. On the way to the airport to pick him up, spring is really here. Can feel the soft and warm breeze over the window. Shoud I take the chance? She decides to show him who she really is.

  • Spot the Robot Dog

    2 months old, Korea

    A robot dog John ordered from Korea. John was to give this to Vivi who likes puppies as a gift. But taking care of Spot, he becomes attached to it. John implanted a character protocol in Spot's system. So that Spot is a bit shy just like its owner. Eating electricity as a main food, it is growing well.

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