Vivi & John

Every dog has its day. John, a nerdy programmer is about to go on a date! Vivi whom he got to know in <Make international friends> app is about to visit the States. All of a sudden, John purchases IONIQ 6 and tries to become a 'sporty' guy..... Can he make something happen?

    • Intro

      John was messaging Vivi, imagining a romantic date with her. Like all possessed, he places an order of IONIQ 6 without hesitation.

    • EP.1 Owner

      John picks up his new IONIQ 6. Looking through the owner's manual, he practices how to use smart key and digital key.

    • EP.2 Change

      Before meeting up with Vivi, John is ready for a glow-up. While IONIQ 6 is being charged, John hurriedly goes shopping.

    • EP.3 Crossroad

      John, now a changed man, goes to meet Vivi. A city side street or the highway, which should I take?

    • EP.4 Meet

      We finally met! John wants to seduce Vivi with his driving skills. How would he drive?

    • EP.5 Drive

      Darkness came, street lights turned on. John puts on the ambient light to get a romantic atmosphere.

    • EP.6 Date

      The two prepare for a small camping. John's smartphone rings right then, oh gosh it's his boss. Urgent business call and camping, which comes first?

    • EP.7 Surprise

      Vivi is sad to leave so soon. John turns on the relaxion comfort seat and waits awhile for the new year's eve fireworks.

    • EP.8 Tomorrow

      Happily came back to home, John schedules an overnight charging and climate setting for tomorrow.

    • Outro

      Battery fully charged overnight and cosy indoor temperature. Happy morning starting with a message from Vivi.

    • Webtoon : Epilogue

      Unable to miss an opportunity of a lifetime, John got on a plane to Europe. What happened to the two after that?

    • John

      35 y/o, United States

      A programmer currently working in Silicon Valley. A nerd. Because of the afraidness, after he broke up with his ex, COVID-19, and the work he loves, he gave up dating someone. 'What if I can't hang out with someone till I get 40?' Luckily he got to know this lady who is about to travel to the States. Please... meet me once!

    • Vivi

      33 y/o, France

      A designer working in Paris. She has a huge interest in 'what defines me' that differentiates her from others. Eco-friendly, so to speak? She is traveling to find something that stimulates her, to find herself. Meanwhile, she found this guy in the States, who is a little clumsy... but kinda cute.